5 Oct 2013

Bicycle Gear Shifting: What Does The Front Gear Do?

Posted by Zize Bikes

Most geared bicycles have two or three  big ones in front. Located by the pedals, these are commonly known as the chain rings. And you actually don’t use them very much at all. Especially when you’re just starting to ride, you do not worry about shifting the front gears at all. Most experienced riders will ride using one gear and stay in it perhaps majority of the time; and you will be just fine in choosing one and sticking with it.

bicycle gear shiftingThis is because the big front gears are for making major shifts in the overall range of the gears. For example, the smallest chain ring in front will give you the easiest pedaling. So if you expect a lot of hills, you will probably want to ride mainly using the front small chain ring, and going most of the actual bicycle gear shifting in your back gears.

If you expect a lot of down hills or flat terrains, the front larger chain ring will serve you better. It will enable you to ride faster by giving higher gears for you to use, when your bicycle is already going fast enough that you can keep your pedals going without the kind of effort it requires if you were ascending or going slower.

Again, the basic to bicycle gear shifting using the front gears is to choose one and generally stay there. Your adjustments must be continuous, smaller shifting through the rear gears. You’ll only change gears between the front chain rings if the range of gearing in the rear, where most bicycle gear shifting takes place, isn’t enabling you to do what you need to do either cycle uphill easily or pedals fast enough downhill to keep driving the pedals.

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