17 Oct 2013

Gears: Single Speed VS Multi Speed Bicycles

Posted by Zize Bikes

single speed bicycles

single speed bicycle

If you are a bit confused about single speed and multi speed bicycles, read on and get some helpful facts.

The obvious difference between single speed bicycles and multi speed bicycles is the gears. Single speed bicycles has only one gear setting. This means that the tension doesn’t change when a rider pedals. Multi speed bicycles, on the other hand, has at least three gear setting. Some even go as high as 27 speeds.

It is really up to the person what type of bicycle they feel more comfortable riding. If you are riding for exercise or fun, then a single speed bicycle is perfect for you. Single speed bicycles are also more reliable and sturdy. They have lower repair and maintenance compared to multi speed bicycles. With a single geared bike, you’re not changing gears and your chain will hold up longer. It’s easier and quicker to pedal than with multi speeds.

multi speed bicycles

multi speed bicycle

But single speed bicycles are less versatile, also generally more difficult to ride uphill. The rider would have no choice but to power his way up a hill, making him too exhausted. A single speed takes a lot of his energy and it will take a toll on his knees overtime. With single speed bicycles, speed is limited; and a rider can easily max out his speed as the pedals can only turn so fast.

With multi speed bicycles, a rider can choose the gear ratio that will make the most efficient use of his energy. He can get the maximum possible distance and/or speed with the minimum effort. A rider has the option to change speeds, allowing him to go up a hill a lot easier than with single speed bicycles.

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