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The reason I’m writing this blog is to encourage people who are heavy, big, fat, plus size—whatever!–who want to ride a bike. Bike riding is a great way to get healthy, help the environment, lose weight and have a lot of fun. Let’s use this space as a springboard for a positive, uplifting environment where we can help each other move beyond being “too much” into being happy, healthy, and fit exactly as we are.

My story is about being fat and wanting to ride a bike. A few years ago I thought that the solution to that desire would be to simply buy a bike and start pedaling. HA! As if!

What I discovered is that big people are discriminated against in bicycling, like in most things. (We won’t get started on this discrimination thing yet—I’ll save it for another day!)

The focus on today’s bikes is indeed on weight, but not in a way that would help fat people. The goal of bike builders seems to be getting the bikes as light as possible. Like we’re all out to compete in the Tour de France? Actually, it was kind of funny, in a perverse way.When I was initially looking for a bike for me, I searched endlessly on bicycle sites for “weight limits” and other such terms. There were no answers. Weight brought up titanium frames and .07 ounce doodads, not how much the vehicle could safely hold. Geez…….

This lack of bikes made me realize that I am certainly not the only big person who wants to ride a bike. Biking is so fun, so freeing, and it’s non-weight bearing. Sooooooooo much easier than walking, and a heck of a lot faster, too. I kept on with my research, had my instinctive belief confirmed (yes, it is possible to make a bike strong enough for a really heavy person), found a frame builder, and the rest, as they say, is history. was born!

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Joan Denizot,

President Super Sized Cycles